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What Alexis Assadi Learned at 27 that Changed Him

Investing is a serious business. A lot of people try to climb their way to the top and fail eventually. Thing is, there are no shortcuts or easy way to reach the peak of success.

Unless you have gone through experience which will teach you the lessons, success towards financial freedom isn’t an easy venture. However, we can always learn from people who have been through ups and downs to help us understand some techniques that can motivate us in every step of the way.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs of the modern generation is Alexis Assadi. Reached financial independence at 26, Assadi has worked hard to reach his long-term goal. He encountered his first interest in investing at 19 when a banker talked to him. From then on, he kept learning every possible idea which helped him. Of course, he had countless trial and error, but this does not stop him to work on his interest.

At 27, he learned some vital lessons that made a difference in his life and career.

Diligence is the key to solve problems

Assadi believed that challenges can’t be overcome by being diligent alone. The journey isn’t always sweet and nice, but along the way, you’ll realize that every effort is worthy of everything. When he looked back at his mistakes, he believed that the factors that hindered his success were his lack of perseverance to continue.

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Stress management is important

Like with other people, Assadi also had to deal with anxiety issues. Stress can kill and ruin you if you can’t control it. But when you learn how to manage it, making logical decisions will be much easier over time.

Opportunities always come and go

You’ll never know what kind of opportunities will show up. Because of his experiences, Assadi highly believed that building and establishing a strong network of professionals create different opportunities. A single conversation with someone who has an experience in a particular field of expertise can make a great change in your life.

Set aside your fears and embarrassment and try to communicate with other people. This will help you gain friends and learn or share ideas with them. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Don’t judge a book by its cover

It’s easy to judge an individual based on what he or she wears or his or her stature. There are always some noticeable features that can fuel our instinct to evaluate a person.  But beneath an individual’s appearance is a long, tiring and challenging journey that they have accomplished. Even if Assadi gained a great feat at a young age, he still strived to work with different kinds of people who may have potentials and interest in investing.