Various Types of Promotional Badges

Various Types of Promotional Badges

Badges have been in promotional items for a very long time. They have evolved over the years, and some manufacturers have developed new models to suit any company’s needs. Its small size can be portable, but it can still contain enough information or images to display a product or message.

There are many types of promotional products available, and badges can be used. Promotional badges can be used effectively for political activists, product campaigns, corporate promotions, concerts, and charities. These badges are also a valuable tool for employee awards and recognition. Many business sectors have benefited from a well-designed promotional badge’s collective appeal.

It is also very economical and cost-effective to produce. So, if you choose make badges as a promotional item, here are some of the most popular types of badges to choose from:

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Identity badges:

An identity badge is one of the simplest forms of badges. It can be used for identification or a smaller version of a poster. It can be made of plastic or metal, depending on customer requests. It may also contain a slogan, a message, a statement, a name, or a company logo. These decals can also be fastened or hung on a strap.

Pin Buttons:

Button pins are also one of the most economical badges available. These badges usually have company logos and images that are easily visible. But due to its size, it can only contain a short statement and a slogan that can help stimulate the promotion of a particular company or campaign. Buttons are also worn and worn in various things, such as bags – one reason why they are so popular, especially among teenagers.

Flat lapel badges:

They are made of metal and usually have a unique shape and a colorful finish in enamel. This is the most economical of all metal lapel badges.

Badges with embossed nets:

These are metal badges with bold embellishments and enamel. The decals are made by stamping the molds to engrave the image in the metal base.

Badges engraved photos:

These are metal badges because the company’s images were engraved on a metal base. The finish here is in the enamel and is smooth compared to the engraving.

Bejeweled lapel pins:

Businesses can also choose to receive promotional badges cast and encrusted with synthetic gemstones. This is a perfect promotional badge for the high-end market.

Distribute badges:

These are metal badges that usually have no color, except for the metal used. They have no enameled finishes. Most of these decals are cheap and have adhesive pins as an attachment. These are very common at events and holidays, especially to find out about employees’ years of service.

To generate good sales and make good profits, products must be communicated to customers, known in marketing as a promotion. Promotional badges are a step forward in achieving that ideal.