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The Proper Suit Jacket Styles For You

Dressing up is something that can add up confidence. It is an advantage wearing the proper dress of your size. When it comes to men’s suit, the proper suit jacket for your body type is essential. You need to figure out your size before choosing the suit jacket style that fits you best. Understanding which suit jacket enhances your frame and will improve your image. Combatant Gentlemen will help you get your outfit suitable for you. They have all the men’s suit for all body type and with different styles. They can help you match your style to your size in getting your ideal suit. The online store has a wide range of men’s suit from tall, short, and round body type.Combatant Gentlemen

Suit Jackets for Tall Men

If you are tall then, it is best to wear three-button single-breasted jackets. This will likely cut your abnormal height giving you a perfect look. You can wear your jacket sleeves a bit longer to shorten the arm and bring the viewer’s eye to your face. Remember that a side vented jacket serves best for the skinny man as it creates a fuller silhouette. To cut a longer leg, the hem of the jacket can be a bit longer as well. To emphasize shoulder and chest width, wear wider lapels. This is ideal on single and double-breasted jackets.

Tall men should opt for jackets with one or two vents. You should avoid one or two button jackets unless wearing a vest to cut your long torso. For the jacket pockets with flaps, this will create a horizontal line and helps cut height. If you are tall, then look for jackets in size long.

Suit Jackets for Short Men

For short men, it is best to wear jackets that helps to maximize height. The suit jackets with one or two button jacket that creates a longer “V” for the torso will give a great look. Check out for suit jackets with side vents as this will draw the viewer’s eye up to your frame. This fashion style will likely create the illusion of height. To help bring up glamour, choose a single-breasted jacket with slim and high lapels. Yet, you should only be wearing a double-breasted jacket with two or four buttons and side vents. Always remember to keep the lapels thin and high.

There are many fashion statement for shorter men. The standard goes with a peak lapels on a double-breasted jacket. It is best not to wear the three button, ventless jackets as they shorten the torso. The jetted pockets without flaps will give a cleaner silhouette and will tend to add some height. For the best look, opt for jackets in a size short.

Combatant Gentlemen

Suit Jackets for Round Men

If you have more girth, wear jackets that cut your weight. Look for outfits that will enhance your vertical features with style. The jackets with one or two button are essential. You need to keep it buttoned to build up the look unless sitting. This style will create a longer torso and the viewer’s eye will adjust accordingly. It is also effective to wear a double vent jacket, but to be more proper, the single vent will do. To balance your look, a six-button double-breasted jacket can be great as well. This will create a longer silhouette from shoulder to the waist, slimming the frame. To avoid horizontal lines, opt for flapless pockets.