Gabe Plotkin

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The company Melvin Capital was founded by Gabe Plotkin, one of the best investment managers in America. There is a lot to know about him and his story about how he has become so successful. The position he has achieved is something he earned in just a couple of days. He has worked hard right from the beginning, totally determined about his goals with all the hard work he did, he has got the result now. The success you see today started from a very long time ago. When he finished his graduation at Northwestern university in economics in 2001, he worked in many other companies and learnt a lot from there, whatever work he did he always aspired to his best and only that led him to such heights. It is really important for everyone who has dreams of doing something huge should be working hard but not just this will help you, you should also be very determined of what you want to become and work wisely, as many people have said it many times till now that if you are not going to fight all the odds you face, you should be very confident and believe in yourself in everything you do. There is no alternative for the best, make sure you are the one. Eventually as he was working in various companies he became a trader at Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital. The journey you did not know about the man you know is not easy to follow. Every person’s success is only based on the story he has in his past. This investment manager is the best and to become the best you cannot just go and earn that position, you have to be ready to do every work your higher authorities order you to do, you need to be very much prepared to face any kind of problem which will come across in your life.

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What were the problems he faced when he found Melvin Capital? 

Gabe Plotkin founded Melvin Capital after he left his job at Steve Cohen’s SAC Capital where he used to handle portfolios worth 1.3 billions. He named this company with his grandfather’s name and started with everything he got, he used all his experience which he got from the start of his career and still he is doing his best and working on developing it more and more.