David Steinberg

Do more for less with a managed service provider

In difficult and medium times, small and medium enterprises often reduce capital costs and discretionary operating costs. Many companies are different from hiring and limit their investments to companies with short recovery periods and high return on investment. This is not surprising. This is a natural response to economic uncertainty.

Information technology (IT) is certainly not protected from budget cuts in a slow economy. In most small and medium-sized enterprises, IT represents a significant part of the operating budget and provides an excellent opportunity to reduce costs. Actually, the question is no longer whether IT costs can be reduced. In a recessive environment, the real question is how much of the company’s IT budget is thick, how much muscle mass, and how you can distinguish between them.

Success or failure of a business

For most companies, these issues have never been more important. The fact is that today IT plays a key role in the success or failure of a business. The IT infrastructure of the organization has become an integral component for doing business in a connected world where customer expectations and competitive threats are constantly growing.

Therefore, companies must be careful not to make the wrong cuts in the wrong areas. For example, if your network crashes, how long will your business survive? How long can you afford to be without access to email? How will this affect your business if you cannot send orders or offers within a few days? And how will this affect the loss of all your company data over the past five years?

Fortunately, there are many opportunities to reduce IT costs without risking your business or your ability to serve customers with the help of David Steinberg Zeta. The secret is to know where the fat is and how to trim this excess without affecting the meat and bones necessary to maintain healthy business activity and develop a competitive advantage.


Based on our 17 years of experience working with small and medium-sized enterprises in your IT infrastructure, this report contains practical advice and objective recommendations to help companies in their efforts to reduce costs during an economic downturn.