Coin Grading Chart

Coin Grading Chart – Coin Grading Has a Strict Set of Rules

When you begin to classify parts, you must be able to identify and define many factors. A good suggestion is to find pictures of the pieces of the variety that you are trying to qualify. You probably need a good magnifying glass or even a microscope or a jewel lens. You must acquire some skill in the classification of parts if you are going to collect coins.

Currency rating is sometimes subjective

Automatic coin grading chart follow a strict set of rules and do not only work for sellers. If you spend money on quality currencies, it might be worthwhile to spend that money so that the currencies qualify professionally. This will also give you an amount to secure your precious coins. The value of coins depends on their degree.

Some of the qualifying terms you need to know are invented, about out of circulation, extremely thin, very thin, good, very good, good and good.

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The rooms in perfect condition are almost perfect

There should be no signs of wear on any of the surfaces of the room. MS60 to MS70 are the qualities of this category. MS 70 will be a perfect piece. About non-circulated parts (UA) will have noticeable wear on the part, but will appear in the upper parts of the piece. Be sure to look at your rooms with good light to see the details of wear on the surfaces.

The extremely thin parts (EF) show very little wear and a large part of the original luminosity of the piece will always be visible. In very fine currency (FV), the main features of the currency will remain very sharp, although the minor features may show some wear. Wear will be on the highlights of the piece. By noting well the parts (F), you will notice a considerable wear of the surface of the piece. The main characteristics will remain very different.

Parts with a very good rating (VG) will be very worn and small details will remain visible

The rating of the pieces is good (G) means that the features are very worn. The currency will be mainly of flat appearance. Many details will be lost, but the details are still visible. About good parts (AG) are the least valuable parts. The details, dates and letters of the room are used without problem.


It’s a good idea to buy a coin grading chart and familiarize yourself with each currency category. Knowing everything you can about the sorting of parts will allow you to qualify your own parts and you can also make purchases knowing the parts.