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Car rental: recommendation to keep away from troubles

There is no doubt that car rental is very convenient in travel, as it allows freedom to improvise and change plans . Whether it is the first time you are going to rent a car, or if you have already done it many times in your trips, it is safe for you to review this information.

Here we present an info graphic of liligo.com to summarize the advice to take into account. Keep reading to expand the information. Number of dumpster rental Scranton PA is available.

Choose the type of rental car

As it is In general, agencies usually have categories to catalog their rental cars: take advantage of this to choose, according to the needs of your trip . It is important to ask in advance how your trip will be, in order to find the ideal rental car at the best price. Large Number of dumpster rental Scranton PA

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In this way, a compact car is recommended to move easily through the city spending little fuel and parking easily, a saloon if you plan to travel many kilometers, a family if you are many passengers, an SUV if it is a trip through the countryside … or even one of luxury if you want to treat yourself!

The mileage of the vehicle

As it is Some offers have their trick: the mileage limit , which makes a low cost rental car a luxury one. In order to have an idea of ​​the final price to pay, it is important that you calculate the kilometers you have planned to travel, and add this surcharge (if any).

The most typical is to find limits of 100 to 300 km per day or 600 to 800 km for a weekend, from which each extra kilometer usually has a surcharge of around € 0.4. If you plan to travel a lot with the vehicle, you may be compensated paying a little more for a rental car with no mileage limit . It’s all about taking accounts.