Alexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov: The best global marketer and business leader

The internet has made the world a lot smaller and has enabled businesses of all sizes to think globally. It is not only for big brands and organizations, even small business can think globally to expand their brands. Global marketing strategy is something that every business needs to consider. If any of the business implements global marketing correctly, then it is possible to gain many benefits for a business.Succeeding in a global environment does not mean simply working on languages, it requires consistent efforts. Alexei Orlov is a global marketer and business leader, who helps in developing the best global marketing strategies for companies.

About Alexei Orlov:

The beginning of his leadership was started in Church. It gives him the right education, and now he is being a successful business leader in the global market. As an entrepreneur, he knows to handle both strength and weakness. He accepts that the main reason for his failure is impatience. But he learned a very good lesson from his failures and able to grow every day. The main reason for his wide knowledge and success is that he keeps on raising questions and finds answers for them.

vAlexei Orlov

Alexei Orlov is the founder of MTM choice, founded in 2017. MTM assists over 120 brands worldwide through brand activation and media optimization. Over the years, MTM has seen tremendous growth and wealth. Before the MTM, he served as the chief marketing officer for Volkswagen group china. Also, he was the chief executive officer of RAPP. Orlov has worked with many popular brands like Volvo cars, Wunderman, and Avon. He has 30 years’ experience and has travelled across 40 countries helped over 50 brands. Alexi was awarded CMO of the year, in 2012 and 2013. Also, he and his team were awarded for the creation of the largest automotive social platform.

His professional level progress was great. First, he owned ROCQM and MCW specialists in brand strategy and commercial recovery. It was a great success with his first business venture, and he later sold the business to WPP. As mentioned above, then he held several leadership roles in various companies. As years pass by, he doesn’t want to work in other companies and decided to step back into his entrepreneurial ideas. Finally, he developed the boutique holding group, MTM. He is the most trusted advisor to a diverse collection of companies.