How VSR is used in automotive field

Voltage sensitive relay senses the input voltage and automatically connects or disconnects the circuits at pre set voltage. It is primarily used in the cars to prevent the discharging of batteries in the dual battery system where discharging of batteries is present in the dual battery systems. VSR range from 12v to 24v with different electric currents. It helps in the charging of dual batteries; protect the in house battery circuits. It is also fully automated.

         VSR comes in single cell configuration or dual cell configuration. In the single cell configuration, when the engine is turned on the dual batteries, the starter battery is first charged by separating the two. When the charging reaches 13.3 volts the Voltage Sensitive Relay automatically charges the other battery also. After the engine is stopped and the voltage is dropped below 12.8 the vsr automatically disconnects the connection between the two which helps in not discharging the starter battery. In the dual cell sensor it is quite opposite. It allows the charging of the two batteries at a time as it is bidirectional. Both the batteries are charged and engaged at a time.

      Relays are used to decrease the sensitivity of different elements. Vsr’s are very inexpensive and they consume less energy. It also helps in the electric fluctuations.  The relays open and close at regular intervals when the electric fluctuations are high.  The technology is accurate and highly reliable. It is protected from ignition. It selects automatically from 12 v to 24 v. It also adheres to the safety by not showing the high electric fluctuations.  The relays helps in controlling the power fluctuations ,which help in not destroying the electrical goods.

               There are also situations when vsr fails. Some situations are at the time of accidents ,some fail due to defects occurred in the manufacturing while some fail due to lapse of the life period. The parts of the vsr may wear causing electric sparks at the points of connect .The responsive of the vsr are slow so, they are not disconnected at high voltages. Using the relay technology two  circuits can be isolated. Relays plays pivotal role in the electrical industry and manufacturing of the chargers.