Bicycle Lights with LEDs for Night-time Rides

Bicycle Lights with LEDs for Night-time Rides

Bicyclists are familiar with the challenges of travelling at night. When travelling at night, the chances of an accident are substantially higher than when driving during the day. Of course, we’ve come to rely on LED bicycle lights to illuminate our way and warn other commuters of our presence on the road since the beginning. Here are several factors you consider when you buy bicycle lights online:


Since the invention of light bulbs, they have continued to evolve. When halogen lamps first appeared, we were blown away by their brilliance, and anything with the word “Halogen” on it was deemed high-end. When LEDs gained popularity, they became brighter. LEDs produced at least ten times more candlepower than previous halogen lamps. Not only that, but they also win in terms of energy conservation and durability, as I’ll explain later.

Conserving energy

The traditional flashlight or halogen bike bulb that we were so thrilled with previously would provide light for roughly six to ten hours, depending on usage. LEDs, on the other hand, require far less energy to provide light while riding. They lasted about 100 hours in total. For this comparison, both types of light sources are powered by four double-A batteries. The combined output of the halogens was 300 candlepower, whereas the LED had a 1,500 candlepower output!


Do you recall how we were nearly accustomed to changing flashlight batteries regularly? And if it clarifies things, we should be able to figure out what the other issue is, right? You’d have to replace your battery set or pack, as well as possibly your light bulb. The fact that the bulb, or spare batteries, is not readily available adds to the dilemma. To ensure that you have consistent illumination on your bike, you’d have to stock plenty on both. All of these issues are no longer an issue with LEDs. They last far longer and never burn out, even when the power varies when the batteries are near empty because they use much less energy.

What does all of this information have to do with a cyclist?

You dont have to worry about your lights with so much illumination and so much time until they died due to battery drain. You would most likely run out of energy, and your bike’s light would continue to beam brightly ahead of you.


Now that you’re comfortable using your lights, you’ll have more time to concentrate on what matters most: travelling from one location to another safely. Furthermore, due to the high brightness, you will always be visible, even from a distance, by oncoming or following vehicles on the same road as you. Always remember to buy bicycle lights online where you find varieties at reasonable cost: