Business Explainer Video: The Best Way to Market Your Product

Business explainer video is the latest marketing trend that is becoming a hit among businesses. Business explainer video scores on the fact that it is a short video and not a text heavy visual and so, people, who are generally reluctant to wait and read text, prefer to watch it. If presented in an entertaining way with an intriguing story spanning over a time limit of under one minute, business explainer video can easily grab the attention of prospective customers. Based on this reality, firms and companies are making a beeline to animation providers to get a business explainer video for their product or service.

best explainer video company

Business explainer video is a short length video that lasts from 45 seconds to one minute. It conveys the value proposition to the customers through fascinating animation, vivid colors and an engaging storyline. It is usually posted on the landing page of the website and social media portals, such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They also get detected and displayed by search engines like Google in a faster manner as search engines give priority to pages with videos while generating the result list. All these factors ensure that any business explainer video reaches to a lot of people and conveys the benefits and features of a product to a wide audience. This increases the conversion rate of audience to customers by 80 per cent. Also, if companies post a business explainer video about their product or service on the Internet, they help their sales teams by sparing them from repeating the same pitch again and again to their clients. This way sales team can focus on other important tasks like following closely of high value prospects.

Many marketing firms are creating explainer videos for business these days, but not all of them are able to deliver on quality. However, one firm is successfully carving a niche for itself in the area of creating best explainer video company for business and that is Animation Ants. This firm can easily be reached through its website, It creates super-engaging animation for any business explainer video with the attempt of highlighting the product features and gaining the attention of the audience. Visit and see for yourself some of its sample business explainer videos.