Bee Sting

The Bee Venom Therapy For Positive Health

I read a friend’s blog a few days ago and noticed his positive outlook on life and the aging process. He never denied the passing time, the creaking knees or the swollen belly touched our thighs when we landed on the ground to tie the string. But he can still see people, places, events and challenges through the eyes of premature children. He challenged the cliché by saying “Live your life!”

The decision to behave as a child leads to vitality, optimism, passion and creativity. Depression is the opposite of motivation, leadership, success, and life. Fortunately for many, this feeling is virtual, not chronic, so small changes in the environment and lifestyle are often a big step towards a happier / healthier perspective.

Bee Sting

Studies have shown that exercise boosts serotonin levels in the brain, making the world a more welcoming place. Family, friends, and happiness also contribute to our spirit’s “feel good” hormones that foster faith, self-esteem, love, and meditation, increasing the ability of our minds to solve problems, accept challenges, and increase. By occasion They can also explore professional counseling to alleviate distressed thoughts and feelings. But it’s a newly discovered route from Belgium to treat depression, multiple sclerosis and dementia with bee venom. It is being explored to reduce the negative symptoms of depression and the common nature of depression. “The poisonous apamine in bee venom may be key to alleviating the symptoms of some disorders because its ability to block the release of potassium from the nerves, causing these nerves to” become over-excited with bee sting therapy, “according to the researchers. Report from the author of biological studies The increased nervous power aids in the creativity and cognitive abilities of the individual.

Computer models and genetic methods reveal to researchers how apamin is linked to block the channel. It is hoped the researchers will discover that apamin travels out of the pores of the duct, causing the channels to change shape, resulting in a lump of potassium. It took years for the natural bee venom to become the mainstream drug in the United States. But local bee healers are willing to offer a remedy for bee stings to control symptoms.It sounds strange, but the procedure has been around for hundreds of years in China. Bee venom treatment includes being stung. But the results will help get rid of depression.

BTW – Sipping a tablespoon of honey from bees will also help “medicate”.